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Sunday, 5 August 2007

IPO Performance Analysis


Let us take a quick look at performance of the IPOs covered by this blog since 07-07-07.

After the recent bloodbath early this week, RH Energy, China Sports and Yongxin (rated 3 Chillis) still trade more than 90% above its IPO price. Well done :) Most of the IPOs are currently trading 20% to 60% above its IPO price with only Finance One below water.

As mentioned in my blog, Fair Value can be a very tricky thing and it seemed that after the bloodbath, the shares have actually dropped to my fair value?! Is my fair value then the correct value and earn me the right to boast about them? Of course not but it just happen that most of the stocks are trading within or close to my 'fair value' range right now. My definition of Fair Value is : Whatever the market deemed is the fair value will be the fair value. My fair value is just a guide for me to know when to take profits as market can be overly depressed or overly exhuberant most of the time.

And the top 3 performing IPOs as of 5 Aug 2007 are ......

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