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Sunday, 2 March 2014

What a drought!

Singapore is undergoing a dry spell with super hot and dry weather. It makes people feel lethargic and lazy. Even lazing around can be difficult unless I can hide in the air con room. 

I can definitely use the same analogy on our IPO market that is undergoing a super dry drought with nothing in the pipeline. I will probably die of hunger if I depend on this IPO market for articles and I will probably "die" a few times each year. 

In my work, i am engaged in multi million dollar project for the last few months that is absorbing whatever energy I have and burning my nights and weekends. I do hope it will draw to a successful end by end of march and I am counting down the days so that I can have more time to blog and invest again! 

The next IPO i heard is KOP Properties that will be launch in the coming weeks. Based on initial feedback, the demand is good.

Looking at the brighter side, the dry and hot weather has a great effect on bouganvilla and you can see them in full bloom along our expressways! Enjoy your ride and admire them at the same time. 

Here is a view along my favorite stretch of ECP. (Don't ask me how I took this picture)  :-P

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