IPO Chilli Ratings

IPO Chilli Ratings
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I hate writing disclaimer. I am definitely not the "kiasi" type and is someone who always puts $ where my mouth is. Gains and losses are part of the game. However, I realised that a disclaimer may be necessary to make clear the following:

  1. The views expressed here are my personal views and for my personal consumption only so that I can refer back to what was on my mind in future. It is certainly not an inducement for you to invest or trade. The sole purpose is for me to keep a record online to make me a better investor/trader.
  2. Any fair value or ratings indicated in this blog (or any other blogs authored by me) are meant for educational and for indicative purposes. As mentioned, many events post-listing render the fair values and chilli ratings worthless. After all, even most stock analysts get it wrong most of the time, so what more a mere small time investor like me.
  3. The writer reserves the right to buy, sell, long, short any stocks without informing you in advance or in retrospect. This includes any stocks mentioned in this blog or other blogs authored by the writer.
  4. The writer has no idea who reads this blog and will not be responsible for any actions of the readers. If you cannot be responsible for your own investments and trades, then investing or trading is not suitable for you.
  5. Last but not least, remember to give back to the society if you have benefited in one way or another by my postings. That will be your way of saying 'thank you' :)