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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Uni-Asia Finance Corporation

(IPO booth at Raffles Place... not the right timing to get prospectus i guess)

The Company is an Asian-based structure finance arrangement and alternative assets investment firm. The prospectus is here.

Public Offer: 3.3 million shares at $0.55 each
Placement Offer: 62.1 million shares
Manager: DBS
Closing Date: 15 Aug 2007

This IPO is priced very 'cheaply' with a Post-IPO NAV of 51.7 cents versus its IPO price of 55 cents. It is also priced at a historical 7.6x PE based on post-IPO shares of 240.4m shares and FY06 EPS. I believed this IPO will be undersubcribed if it is not priced so cheaply!

Despite being vested from the IPO placement tranche, i would advise investors to avoid this IPO for the following reasons:
  1. Companies in Structure Finance business has not performed well post-ipo. Without digging deeper into the amount of dividends paid since listing, as of 10 Aug 2007, Babcock & Brown (structured finance) is still 13% below its IPO price.

  2. Companies in "Shipping Trust" business has not performed well post-ipo as well. First Ship Lease Trust is still 7% below IPO.

  3. The business is priced in US$ and I believed US$ will continue to weaken against S$.

  4. Sentiments towards IPO has been very weak due to the recent market turmoil and the premium above its IPO price for recent listing is less than 10%.

  5. ETLA closed below its IPO price, reflecting the weak market sentiments.
While the IPO is cheap, if you are looking for a significant 'stag', I dont think you can find in Uni-Asia. My recommendation is to avoid this company if your intention is to 'punt' the IPO. Put your IPO application fee of S$2 to better use elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

i do agree that this IPO should be avoided although like you, i am also vested through the placement tranche. In times like this, it is best to inject money in IPO and moreover, this is a structured finance IPO that is generally not well received in singapore.

2Y Capital said...

hahaha, what to do :) good times and bad times must support the IPOs... Wish you would have leave your name though mr annoymous... easier to communciate in future..

Anonymous said...


Did you cut loss on the first day? I sold my 2 lots at 0.52 immediately....

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