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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

SGX listing criteria

This is an article that appeared on the Business Times today on the things to consider before launching that IPO. Since this is a blog on Singapore IPOs, might as well post it here since not much IPOs to write about these days. kekeke. As you can see, to list on the Mainboard of Singapore, you need to have cumulative (1) pre-tax profits of S$7.5m over the last 3 years with at least a S$1m profit in each of the 3 years OR (2) Cumulative S$10m profits for the latest 1 or 2 years OR (3) market cap of at least S$80 million. As for listing on Catalist, just find a sponsor will do, like what that Artivision has done...

Friday, 3 October 2008

China Kunda Technology Holdings Limited

It has been a bleak month for IPOs worldwide, not just in Singapore. Basically, the underwriters will not launch any IPOs unless the Company, IPO consultants and pre-IPO investors can find their own 'anchor placees'. One of my pre-ipo investment was still "stuck" in the MAS Opera as the anchor was unable to 'furnish the cheque' needed.

China Kunda is offering 95.284m shares of which 67.2m are new shares and the rest are vendor shares. China Kunda is a provider of precision moulds, plastic injection parts, in-mould decoration products to the electronics, electrical, automobile and specialised devices industries. The market cap post-listing is S$68.8 million. IPO will close on 7 Oct at 12pm.

Unaudited 9 months sales for 2008 is HK$76.55m and profit after tax HK$39.448m. Assuming the sales are evenly spread out, the full year profit will be HK$102m and net profit will be HK$52.6m and based on 320m shares, the EPS will be 16.44 HK cents (or about Singapore 3.04 cents). Based on the IPO price of 21.5 cents, it is valued at 7x PE. Frankly, under such economic climate, i cant foresee the company to do better in 2009 than in 2008, perhaps that is one reason why it has to list NOW intead of postponing the IPO.

Pre-IPO investors are getting a 50% discount and most likely they are also helping to ensure the IPO is "launched" successfully. It is also very rare to see such a young CFO being appointed as executive director of the Company as well.

My view is that the IPO is fully valued with some many S-chips trading at 3-5x PE currently, it makes no sense to invest in this Company based on the IPO price. Investors should be able to get in at cheaper prices post listing. Avoid.

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