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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust Balloting Results

Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust will start trading at 2pm tomorrow. The balloting result is as follows:

Placement Tranche

The placement tranche was 38.1x subscribed. The cornerstone investors were mentioned in my IPO write up here.

Public Tranche

The public tranche was 8.9x subscribed. Investors who applied between 50 to 199 lots will have the best chance of getting the shares. The balloting table is below:

My IPO results

It is apparently easier to get more shares from the ATM than from the placement tranche and I don't have to pay the 1% placement fees. I got 10 lots from placement but 40 lots from the ATM, so vested 50 lots.

I have previously shared with you what i think the fair value will be. So good luck to those who got it and hopefully, Mr. Dow will smile on us tonight.

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