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IPO Chilli Ratings

IPO Chilli Ratings
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Astrea 7 PE Bonds - Balloting Results

Astrea 7 announced that its bond offering was 3x subscribed. Class A-1 Bonds The public offering for the S$280m bonds received S$877m worth of application, meaning that it was 3.1x subscribed. More than 75% of the bonds were allotted to applicants who applied for less than $50,000. Investors who applied for S$9,000 and below received its full allocation while investors who applied up to S$49,000 received up to S$12,000 bonds. Those who are more adventurous received a 50% chance of getting something more meaningful as shown in the table below. Class B Bonds The public offering of US$100m bonds was about 1.26x subscribed. It was unfortunate that the Class B was less well received as investors probably shun the issue not because of the interest rate but more likely due to the forex rate of 1.3866 at which the bonds were fixed.  This likely deterred investors who may be holding on to USD or hold the view that the USD is at record levels.  For investors who wanted to subscribe but were dete

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