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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Singapore IPOs blog is 5 years old!

How time flies! It has been 5 years since i started the Singapore IPOs blog to cover companies listing on the Singapore Exchange on 7 July 2007! I must say it takes a lot of time and effort for a part time blogger like me to cover all the listings but it has been fun journey. 

I hope to have some time to set up 2 more blogs in the coming weeks:

1. Starfish Retirement Fund at

This blog is about sharing my experience investing for retirement making use of the supplementary retirement scheme in Singapore. SRS fund will be investing for the long term (months/years) and some of the investment criteria will be companies offering good yield, fundamentals and long term prospects. 

2.  Ninja Master Fund at 

This blog is about trading the market with both long and/or short positions using stocks and futures. It is a short to medium term "hedge fund" that is using my personal money and hopefully share my lessons and mistakes with you along the way.

2ycapital will continue to blog about topics that doesn't fall into either categories. Hope you will find the blogs useful.

Happy investing & trading & punting (IPO?).

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