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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Neo Group IPO balloting results

Neo Group announced its balloting results.

Based on my past experience, the 'highest chances' usually fall between applicants who apply for between 50,000 to  100,000 shares.  In addition, it may not be worth the effort if you get only one lot. Imagine you get one lot and your minimum commission is $30. You will need to sell above $0.36 in order to make more than your broker! And 6 cents already represent a 20% increase from the IPO price. 

Hmm... today is be my lucky day :)


KM said...

Shouldn't it be $0.33 cents? You don't need to pay commission to the broker for getting the ipo, if you bid via ATM, right?

Anonymous said...

yups, you will earn $30 if +20%.

Mr. IPO said...

I only computed one side. so the total commission will depends on your "minimum". If you use internet, usually $25-$28 (Broker) + $2 (ATM). I sometimes used a broker to maintain relationship , so $40 minimum.

Mr. IPO said...

Out 3 lots at 47.5. Thanks for the buffet lunch. :) yummy.

Return of 55% from IPO price is impressive and good enough for me.

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