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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sincap Group Limited

This is for information only. No public tranche was offered.

Sincap Group Limited ("Sincap" or "Company") is in the trading of alumina and thermal coal, as well as in the mining and sale of gypsum in China.

The Company is selling 32.5m placement shares at $0.20 each of which 25.5m are new shares and 7m are vendor shares. The listing will be on the Catalist. The offer closed on 23 July and will be listed on 25 July 2012.

Based on the enlarged share capital and IPO price and assuming the service agreement was in place, the company will be listing at a historical PER of 58x. wow... and the market cap will be $35.1m. Since i am not privy to the 2012 projections, i will not attempt to determine its fair value. The company will be tightly controlled with a free float of 18.5%.

The directors intend to propose a dividend of at least 50% of its net profit for FY2012. Assuming the profit level remained the same, the profit in SGD will be around $810,000. Since they have raised SGD5.1m from the public, they should have the means to pay out $810k of which 81.5% will go to the founders of the company. Investors better hope the profit for 2012 remain low?!!?

I don't really fancy the IPO for the following biased reasons:

1. Small cap China-based mining firm.
2. Audited by non big 4 audit firm.
3. Expensive valuation.

My rating: Chopped Chilli.

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