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Friday, 13 July 2012

IHH Healthcare Berhad - Finalize its price.

IHH Healthcare Berhad finalized its IPO price at RM2.80 with strong demand from Institutions. With Ringgit at record lows against SGD, the IPO price in SGD is fixed at $1.113 per share. The company also over alloted 169m shares and these shares will be used to stablize the market should price fall below the IPO price. The manager usually deploy this tactic when the demand is 'extra hot' and this stabilization exercise will continue for the earlier of 30 days or when the 169,429,366 shares have been bought back.

This is a very interesting IPO as the shares are fully fungible and the Manager can perform stabilization on either the Bursa or the SGX. Let's see which 'side of the causeway' performs better on that day. The indicative time table is below. You can check your balloting results on 23 July and trading will commence on 25 July.


Anonymous said...


Can you write on post on the upcoming Ascendas Hospitality Trust?


2Y Capital said...

Sure but let it get registered and release it's pricing first.

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