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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

World Class Global - balloting results

Word Class Global announced that it's IPO was 2.1x subscribed and also triggered the over-allotment. 

The balloting table is presented below. Investors had a 50% chance of getting the shares.

Mr Ng Sheng Tiong, Executive Director and CEO of WCG, commented, "We are highly encouraged by the positive response we have received for our IPO. This clearly demonstrates the strong confidence that the investors have in WCG's investment story. With the success of our IPO, I am optimistic that we are now well-placed to develop our property assets in Australia and Malaysia to their fullest potential."
 Good luck to those who got it... hope the founders support the shares after "cashing out" ...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new into buying ipos. Hence I would appreciate if you could take some time off to answer my questions. I do have a CDP account, but have yet to find a broker. If lets say, DBS Vickers is my broker, can I ring up my broker to ask them on the amount of shares they are able to offer me, instead of bidding it from the atm? Also, if I were to sell off my shares, can I do it via online platform instead of ringing up my broker? Thanks a lot.

Malcolm Loh said...

weak debut. 27 cents.

Mr. IPO said...

Your broker can only help you bid for placement provided they are the underwriter or lead manager.

Once the shares are in your CDP account, you can sell through any brokers. Be it online or offline.

Sgx stock Research said...

HRnetGroup on Thursday launched a S$174 million initial public offering (IPO) on the Singapore Each mainboard at a price of S$0.90 per share for about 193.4 million shares.

More than half of that, at about 103.9 million shares, will go to cornerstone investors. The remaining 89.5 million shares, there will be a public tranche of 3.8 million shares. The public tranche includes 440,800 shares reserved for the group' s directors and employees.

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