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Monday, 7 July 2014

Happy 7th !

Today is the 7th Anniversary of my blog. It was first started on 7th July 2007 (07.07.07).  Well it has been a good 7 years and on hindsight, i am glad to have started this journey and i hoped you have enjoyed the blog as much as i have put in the efforts to make sure the blog stays relevant.

On this occasion, I take the chance to wish every reader many happy returns in your search for financial freedom. As you are aware, i have different blogs to share with you different mindsets.

Starfish SRS blog - blogs about the pursuit for financial freedom
Ninja Master Fund - blogs about my trades (whenever i am free to watch the market)
2Y Real Estate Fund - blogs about my journey in the property sector
SQ Travelogue - blogs about the little trips i take for business, the holidays i have with my family and the food we had. After all, you only live once. 

If you asked if there is anything you can do for me to give me a present for the efforts? I will just ask that you become my friend on Facebook and like my facebook page. ^_^ 

I have a 3,000 fans target by 31 Dec 2014. I am still about 300 fans away. :)

 Click here!

Happy IPOing.


Gerald said...

Congratulation! Look forward to more of your sharing and contributions to the local investment community!

SG Wealth Builder

Richard Ng said...

Wow! 7 years is an impressive record. Enjoy the "7th year itch" and continue sharing the good stuff.. Will check out your other blogs as well.

Mr. IPO said...

Thank you both for your kind comments! 7 year itch. Hmmm. Maybe blogging is to ease the itch? :-P

Anonymous said...


Siapa Rajah 誰程王 said...

Cheers! Thanks for all the good work and effort that you had put in. Cheers Cheers and Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Tks Mr Ipo.
Always enjoyed reading ur blogs...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO. I want to thank you for your efforts in sharing with us. I follow your Facebook and SRS blog. Made some money following your analysis!
Keep up the good work!

Mr. IPO said...

Thank you all for the support :) appreciate it always!

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