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Friday, 11 July 2014

Frasers Hospitality Trust - Balloting Results

Frasers Hospitality Trust ("FHT") announced that its public offer of 45.454m stapled securities was approximately 13.8x subscribed. I have to say that this a strong set of subscription results given the big float.

FHT will start the trading debut at 2pm on Monday 14 July 2014.

The over-allotment issue of 35.737m stapled securities have also been triggered, which means the price stablisation will occur should the debut be weak. Given the strong demand, my gut feel is that this will not be required in the first week.

It is not too difficult to get the shares. Investors who subscribed between 50 to 199 lots will receive about 9 lots each and the probability is around 42%.

I have shared with you the fair trading range of between 82c to 95c, my gut feel is that it will debut between 90c-93c.

Happy IPOing!


Anonymous said...

No luck with this one. Applied for 5 lots got ZEEERO.

Mr. IPO said...

Must abstain from salted vegetable for a few months liao. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Would u be giving your valuable comments on the First Sponsor Group IPO at $1.50 per share ?

Mr. IPO said...

Check back again tomorrow.... Should be done by then.... :)

Anonymous said...

In addition to First Sponsor Group, it would be really nice to read on the other Korean IPO too :)

Silvia Jacinto said...

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michale wong said...

How much probability is there, when I use intraday SGX signals and buy lots from upto 300?

joy said...

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