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Sunday, 20 July 2014

First Sponsor Group - Balloting Results

First Sponsor Group announced its balloting results where the invitation is 1.75x subscribed. I must say this is a weak subscription.

The public tranche balloting rato are as follows:

The probability of getting some shares if you apply is more than 50%, with those applying 10 to 49 lots getting 4 lots each. 

I don't see any big names in the placement tranche other than the cornerstone that was announced earlier but not part of the invitation and this is such a poor announcement where they did not even disclose how many shares were allocated to the three "substantial applicants" below other than a cursory "more than 5%". Terrible.

I have given my rating on this stock previously. If you asked me if i am "bearish" for its IPO debut, i have to tell you that my gut feel is that it should debut above its IPO price for a few reasons.

  1. The shares are tightly held. There are no much free float and i believe the holders are strong hands and the tycoons have many friends.
  2. The shares are fairly priced whereby the sponsor sold at book value but its at a discount to the market value. 
Having said that, i am not expecting a firework kind of debut as well. It will do well to hold between $1.50 to $1.60. Anything above $1.60 will be a bonus to me.

Happy IPOing.


Anonymous said...

what about Alliance Minerals?

Anonymous said...

Pretty favourable comments in yesterday's ST on FIRST SPONSOR. 7.7xs subscribed. Hong Long and Kwek 's brand names should add credence to the counter.

So you have been lucky again in your ipo bid ??? If so good for you.

Mr. IPO said...

Haha unfortunately never apply. :) good luck if you got this

Anonymous said...

Debut for First Sponsor not as good, btw would u be commenting on accordia golf trust?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Ipo, this no vol at all... hong leong nv come out and support...

if u were me, wld u continue holding and hope for best or just cut??

Mr. IPO said...

I really don't know ah. Depends on how many lots u have and why u applied for it leh. Already say not puntable. :( you doing national service for them?

Anonymous said...

8lots... haiz... my naive thinking that hong leong etc will hold it...

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