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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

ValueMax - Balloting Results

The balloting results for ValueMax is out and i need to analyze why my 'red underwear' is no longer effective. Nothing again! :-P

The balloting table is as above. The public tranche of 5m shares were 146x subscribed. Those who applied for 100 lots got the "bulk" of the IPO at 8 shares each. 

It is interesting to know that "Han Seng Juan" is one of the placee and he used to be a "star broker" at UOBKH. We shall see if he has a "positive" impact on the shares tomorrow.

Good luck to those who managed to get it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO,
Do you know what's the nav of valuemax ???


Mr. IPO said...

Should be in the prospectus ah. At a premium.

steve said...

Hi you have given the prospectus and the quotation of valuemax balloting results but anyways the post is nice.

DIN 7 | DIN 6325

Anonymous said...

Mr ipo.. am stuck in this... technically, do u tink can hold??

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