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Friday, 4 October 2013

AsiaPhos - Balloting Results

AsiaPhos announced its balloting results. The announcement is here.

The IPO public tranche was more than 172x subscribed but when combined with the placement tranche, it is about 3.8x subscribed.

Placement Tranche

The results of the placement tranche is as follows:


The placement tranche was well supported and interestingly, Jim Rogers is one of the investors who have also recently invested in another commodity company listed here, Geo Energy. We shall see if his endorsement has a positive impact on the stock.

Public Trance

As for the public tranche, it is pretty difficult to get. If you apply for 100 lots, you will have a 18% probability but at least, they give you a more 'decent' 6 lots.

Mr IPO's results

It's a "white wash" and Mr. IPO failed in both ESA. :-(

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