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Monday, 27 May 2013

Singapore IPOs can finally go "IPO"

From its launch on 14 July 12 till my 2nd Sep target setting of 1,000 friends, i am pleased to inform you that Singapore IPOs finally crossed the 1,000 friends milestone (6 months later than planned)!

It has been a long wait, especially the one from 999 to 1,000. It is like waiting for durian to drop. Or maybe this is like making the first million, which is the most difficult part.  hahaha. Anyway thanks for your support! 

Truly appreciate your help in this mini milestone by "liking" the articles to share with your friends. Your little actions helped contribute in one way or another and i can now go for a public listing if i distribute one share each. ^_^

Actually what pleases me more is not the 1,000 milestone. I am actually happier to see more participation from readers and the "rising quality" of comments that have been appearing on my blog or facebook page. Some of those among us are "sleeping dragons and hiding tigers" and you know that they have done their homework when you read their comments. I won't mention names in case they get carried off to the sky but you know who you are, so keep posting to help others and myself but please do it humbly. ^_^ 

So if you are a passive reader, do check back now and again on the comments from readers on IPO counters that interest you.  You may be able to see some quality comments and it actually helped me make sure i "improve" on my standard as well. haha Some kind readers also link back to the blog when they make their postings on forums, again, i find it humbling that you cared enough to share the posting. My sincere thanks.

Anyway, we are stuck together for the long term, after all, Singaporeans are now ranked no.4 in life expectancy globally. You are stuck with me until you reach at least 80 years old! :)  

Happy IPOing


stalin88 said...

congrats Mr IPO!

Mr. IPO said...


Anonymous said...

[[ anonymous 7 ]]

so, how many chillis to give this IPO.

What industry category?

Anonymous said...

[[ anonymous 7 ]]

Who will be the cornerstone investors?

Will there be a syndicate behind this IPO?

Mr. IPO said...

You are offering to be one ? :-P

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