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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Happy 11th Anniversary

It's pretty tough coming up with this post during the World Cup ðŸ˜‹, in any case, Mr. IPO is still monkeying around after all these years. If you want to read my anniversary posts, you can find them here.

Mr IPO's Fan Base

It is really heartening to see the facebook fans growing from its low base in July 2012 (when i first started) to a 6,866 today. The year on year growth rate is, however, coming down. It grew by 16% over the last 12 months (compared to 21% a year ago).

The majority of those who used the Facebook is between 25-44, seems like Facebook (or maybe it's just my blog) is losing the younger group! 

The IPO journey is getting tough!

While my fans base has been growing at a decent rate, the market for SGX is more challenging.  Without any hinterland and with the ease of assessing other markets through technology platforms, SGX is facing an uphill battle attracting both investors and aspiring IPO companies! Hope the next few years will get better for the equity markets.

I can imagine how challenging the 2H will be on the IPO markets with the trade wars and bearish market sentiments. The PropNex IPO was "saved" for the Issuer. If it was to launch its IPO a few days later, it may have to postpone the listing! 

IPO Chilli Ratings

The IPO ratings went through another upgrade in 2018, where i try to put in what i think the first day opening prices will be. 

You can read more about the Chilli ratings here.

Work and World Cup

Mr. IPO has just completed a gruesome 3 months (April to June) where he slogged like mad and putting in 18 hours day weeks.... he just wants to relax and nua and watch the world cup...  

He is rooting for the Rooster!! Maybe he should change his chilli ratings to the numbers of roosters.....

Happy World Cupping. Market will be opened only after 15 July 2018....

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