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Friday, 18 May 2018

Hyphens Pharma - Balloting Results

Hyphen Pharma announces that its Public Offering was 152x subscribed. This is inevitable after my 3 chillis 😂 (but primarily due to the small public tranche).

The balloting table is below and I got zero shares from the public offering.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr IPO
i bought at 0.28..
able to share your view on should hold or short at 0.33?

SA FINANCE said...

Hi there,

Thks for your writeup which is always insightful and helpful.

Just to deviate abit, may i know how you find the price vested by pre ipo investors? Isit in the prospectus? Case in point will be the Secura ipo whereby you highlighted pre ipo investprs are vested from 1.47 cents to 6.7 cents.

Appreciate your assistance for this query.


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