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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

RE&S Holdings Limited - Balloting Results

RE&S Holdings Limited ("RE&S" or the "Company") received strong investor interest for IPO where 32m shares were 37.8x subscribed.

Other than Heliconia, the cornerstone investor who subscribed for 16m shares, investors who were allotted 5% of shares include:

Mr Hiroshi Tatara, Founder, Executive Director and President of RE&S said, "We are heartened by the overwhelming response to our IPO, which represents investors' confidence in RE&S' track record, diversified portfolio of unique and distinct brands, our infrastructure which includes our corporate headquarters and central kitchen and positive outlook for the F&B industry in Singapore. We are glad that with our listing, many of our stakeholders, including the public, are now able to participate in RE&S' growth."

Added Mr John Yek (葉鸿烈), Executive Director and CEO of RE&S: "The listing will not only enlarge our capital base for continued expansion of our business, it will also enhance our visibility for potential opportunities to grow inorganically as we continue to deliver authentic quality Japanese cuisine and innovative dining experiences to our customers. As a listed company, we are better placed to further grow our business and we look forward to building a sustainable enterprise for the benefit of our stakeholders."

Investors who applied for the public offering has a 10% chance of getting the shares.

This is an IPO where all the investors has an equal chance (10%) of getting the shares regardless of the number of shares applied! 

Investors who applied for 100,000 shares will have a 10% chance of being allotted 7,000 shares. Good luck to those who managed to get some shares.

Happy RE&Sing


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO,

Let say I apply the IPO via DBS internet banking. If I was successfully allocated for some shares, will I see it on my profile under UOB Kay Hian trading account?

If no, how do I sell it?

Mr. IPO said...

If you are successful , the shares will go to the CDP account and you can sell your shares from any trading accounts with any brokers as long as the accounts are linked to CDP

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO,

If I don't get full refund, does it mean it was successful? But I cannot see it in my portfolio under kayhian. Can I still sell?

Mr. IPO said...

Usually means you get some shares. It won’t appear in your broker account lah!

Anonymous said...

Any new post for CEREIT IPO?

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