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Thursday, 23 November 2017

MindChamps Preschool Limited - Balloting Results

MindChamps Preschool Limited announced that its overall IPO was 21.4x subscribed and the public tranche was 83x subscribed. Other than the Cornerstone Investors, Institutional investors who has been allotted 5% of more of the Offering Shares include:
  • ICH Capital Pte Ltd
  • Island Asset Management Pte Ltd
  • JF Asset Management Limited
  • SUTL Holdings Pte Ltd
Mr. David Chiem Phu An, Founder CEO and Executive Chairman of MindChamps PreSchool
Limited said: "The positive demand from both institutional and retail investors is a strong testament to MindChamps PreSchool's unique investment proposition and cutting-edge 3-Mind education model. Building on our leading position as the largest operator and franchisor of premium preschools centres in Singapore, we plan to strengthen and expand our presence overseas to take the MindChamps movement from Singapore to the world and capture the growth of the early childhood education industry globally."

"The successful listing is an important milestone in our efforts to empower more students with the values, mindset and skills to achieve their full potential in life. Going forward, we will continue to uphold and maintain our reputation for excellence and  deliver long-term value to all our stakeholders - from students, to parents and shareholders alike."

Public Offering Balloting Table

The balloting table is presented below. There are less retail friendly and reward the "rich", where if you apply for 1m shares, you will be guaranteed of 28,000 shares. Investors who applied for 1 to 19,000 shares have a 10% chance.

Mr. IPO has a few shares from placement but wasn't "lucky enough" for its ATM application...

Good luck to those who managed to get some! 

Happy Mindchamping...


Anonymous said...

any reason that they choose to allocate to all applicants who applied more than 1 mil? Its unlike other IPO balloting right where huge application will also be subjected to balloting (i.e. ratio)?

Mr. IPO said...

It's really up to the issuer and bankers...

Unknown said...

Any write-up on No Signboard?

Anonymous said...

same here, waiting for the write up on no signboard

Mr. IPO said...

This weekend. :)

Chruis Loo said...

Am waiting for your review for no signboard

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