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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Union Gas - Balloting Results

Union Gas announced that its IPO drew strong support from investors and was 7.1x subscribed.

Ms. Alexis Teo (张淑婷), Chief Executive Officer of the Group said: "We are very encouraged by the positive response to our IPO from investors and I extend my deepest appreciation for the confidence they have shown in us. This listing is just the beginning for Union Gas. We have several expansion plans and I hope that our new family of investors will continue to support the Group as we carry out these plans."

The balloting table is presented below for your information:

It is difficult to get the shares through the public offering. Investors who applied for 100,000 shares will have 8% chance of being allotted 6,000 shares. 

The placement was quite likely to be placed out to close friends and relatives as well

Good luck to those who managed to get some shares!

Happy "gassing" 😂


Anonymous said...

It seems like a good turn-out for the Union Gas IPO. I initially thought the Netlink IPO would absorb much of the liquidity from the IPO market and leave little for the subsequent IPOs for the rest of the quarter.

Mr. IPO said...

There is ample liquidity. The union gas is a small tranche.

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