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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Netlink NBN Trust - Balloting Results

Netlink NBN Trust announced its IPO was 2x subscribed. Considering its large float, this is a decent subscription rate.

Mr Tong Yew Heng (唐耀兴), Chief Executive Officer of the Trustee-Manager, said, "The
robust demand from both institutional investors and retail investors to our IPO is a strong
vote of confidence in the NetLink Group's unique investment proposition. The NetLink
Group's future growth is driven by a clear strategy to tap opportunities in the residential,
non-residential and non-building address point segments, underscored by the continued
growth in data consumption. Going forward, we intend to provide our Unitholders with
regular and predictable distributions."

 The balloting ration is below.

It is not difficult to be allocated (between 70% to 100% chance) to get some shares. Mrs IPO managed to get 13,000 shares. I made the mistake of not getting Mrs to apply in the 100,000 range as that will get her 25,000 shares. (I didn't apply as i want to use cash sitting inside my SRS account. see post here)

Good luck to those who managed to get some shares. I guess i have to buy some from the open market. Let's see how it opens tomorrow. 


Val said...

Hi Mr IPO. What should be the strategy for those that never got any? Buy from open market tomorrow but at which price?

Mr. IPO said...

Hi Val, I usually don't give advice on post market trading. ☺️ Reason : it depends greatly on time horizon and return requirements which differs individually

My Investment Machine said...

Wa.. i balloted for 20,000 and got 0. I am among the 24% unlucky folks.


Mr. IPO said...

Aiyo better luck next time. Maybe wear a red underwear when you apply 😝🤣

Piggypatty said...

Dear Mr IPO,
My first time applying for IPO.I applied for 12000 Netlink shares.
I went to my CDP account and check my portfolio. There was nothing indicated for Netlink.
Does that mean I did not get any? :(

Mr. IPO said...

You may want to check your bank account to see if the entire sum or partial sum is refunded. If entire sum, means you didn't get. If partial, means you have gotten some shares

Matthew Xu said...

Hi Mr IPO,
When the units will credit to CDP account? From the internet banking I see successfully got 13000.

Mr. IPO said...

usually prior to the public trading but maybe they need to take some time to upload to the system. If bank says you auccessful means you have the shares already.

Matthew Xu said...

Thanks, Now in the CDP account already, waiting for the opening price~~

Anonymous said...

blessing in disguise, for those who din get from IPO, count yourself lucky

Anonymous said...

Managed to get some lots. Lucky me. As expected by Mr.IPO, debut not much difference. Buy it due to dividend :)

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