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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Happy 9th Anniversary !

Singapore IPOs turned 9 years old today!  

It has been a amazing journey that started 9 years ago on 07.07.07. Here is a quick recap on the various "milestones". 

July 2007 - the Singapore market was on a bull run and S chip was raging hot. Yours truly decided to startblog to write on companies going for IPO so that I can decide whether to apply for those shares. 

In 2007, I wrote a few articles back then that may still be applicable today. For the benefit of new readers, they are:

In 2008 to 2009, global financial crisis struck. Not many IPOs to begin with and you have the S Chips scandals hitting the market one after another. As what Warren Buffet said, "when the tide goes out, you will know who has been swimming naked."

You can also read about the "Confessions of a S-Chip CEO" here

In July 2012, a few important milestone to streamline my various blogs, have a new IPO Chillis rating and more importantly, start my Singapore IPO Facebook Page

In August 2012, wrote two articles for IPO newbies again:

In August 2013, I update my article on how can you get placement shares - Part II

2014 was a drought year but Facebook Page hit 2,706 friends in July 2014

2015 continue to be a difficult period for IPOs but Facebook Page hit 3,685 friends (year on year growth of 36%)! 

August 2015 - Due to the persistent IPO drought, "forced" to expand the offering to writing about retail bonds (which frankly is quite boring in the long term) Lol. 

2016 continues to be a difficult year for IPOs but the only cool thing is the friend on Facebook Page hitting 4,904 (year on year growth of 33%). ^_^ thank you!

I had great fun over the last few years especially the Facebook Page helped me get closer to my readers! Seemed like 72% of my "fans" are male between 25-34. Females not too interested in IPOs or too shy too click "like" ? 

If you have benefitted from my postings and have a Facebook page, do "Like" my page or share them with your friends. 

Happy anniversary and many good years to come. 

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to reaching your 9th year milestone. Thank you for committing your precious time to pen your thoughts and comments, as well as your analysis, which benefited amateurs like me who do not have the time and luxury to do so. Happy 9th Anniversary, and keep going! Many of us out there need you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! Well Done and keep up the good work you have done all these years. We the small retailers really benefits from your insights.

Anonymous said...

Gong xi gong xi! Please keep up the timely and good work!

Lowzeewee said...

Congratulations and thanks for the great write-ups over the years, Mr IPO !

Unknown said...

Thanks for the posts...

Mr. IPO said...

Thank you for the well wishes! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Ipo! Your blog is definitely a must read as part of ipo analysis on whether to suscribe or not!

ronnie said...


This is a well written and intelligent blog.

ronnie said...

You have one of the best finance blogs in the region. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your good job, it really help us a lot in IPO deciding process..Keep it up!

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