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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Jumbo Group Limited - Balloting Results

Jumbo announced that its shares was 8x subscribed. The 2m public tranche was >300x subscribed so it will be a tough act to get. 

Jumbo is indeed very hot... Looking at the list of institutional investors. No wonder the 2m public offering is only for making sure there is sufficient headcount. The list of institutional investors (besides the Cornerstone we already know) are listed below. 

The investors are mainly reputable "long only" asset managers such as Fidelity, Lion Global and Nikko. These bode well as for Jumbo as they were not deterred even though it is a Catalist board listing!

As for public investors, I am afraid it is really difficult to get. Investors who apply for 50 lots will get a 3:99 chance and be allocated 8,000 shares. Thank your lucky stars if you can get it. 

I am expecting a nice big pop on Monday  .

Happy Jumboing


James said...

I'm quite surprised by all the big name institutional investors in this IPO, certainly bode well for its long term prospects.

Just a question, are investors in the placement tranche tied down by a 'lock-in' period?

What's your guess for the price gain on Monday? :D

Mr. IPO said...

Hi James - No lock up for these investors except if you sign up as cornerstone investors.

Mr. IPO said...

My haphazard guess is 35 cents :-P

Anonymous said...

Mr IPO is a happy man today.
Huat Ah!

Mr. IPO said...

Huat ah :) win some lose some la.

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