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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rex International Holding Limited

Rex International Holding Limited ("Rex" or the "Company) is offering 142.5m new shares at $0.50 each for a Catalist listing. 140m shares is for an international placement (outside USA) and 2.5m shares is for a public offering. There will be an over-allotment option of 28m shares if exercised. The IPO will close on 29 July 12pm.  The market cap prior to the over-allotment option is S$488.34m and that will make it one of the top 5 Catalist companies in terms of market cap.

The link to the prospectus is here.

Principal Business

Rex is independent oil and gas exploration and production ("E&P") company. It is somewhat similar to KrisEnergy (if that is what you want to ask) except that it claimed to have access to a proprietary and innovative exploration technologies called "Rex Technologies" which helped to mitigate exploration risks and reduces costs of exploration.

Rex Technologies

According to the prospectus, the technologies were developed by the founders, Dr. Karl Lidgren and Mr. Hans Lidgren. It comprises of Rex Gravity, Rex Seepage and Rex Virtual Drilling.  

Basically, it allows seismic responses to be interpreted and accurately pinpoints the exact location of oil reservoirs. (sounds quite interesting to me but i have mentioned in my previous post on KrisEnergy that i am a layman). The application of Rex Technologies significantly reduces the need for exploration and appraisal drilling, thus reducing the time taken, risks and costs involved in the exploration process.

According to the prospectus, it has been 100% accurate in its prediction on 18 external tests  conducted over the last 24 months and the success ratio for drills using the Rex Technologies has been in excess of 50%. (That is pretty high in the Oil & Gas world). 

The access of this technology has allowed Rex to procure concessions in the Middle East, licenses in Norway and participating interests in the USA. Below is a table demonstrating the "superior" Rex Technologies.


The concessions acquired by Rex is as follows:

It is interesting to note that they have started drilling on the first well in USA on 7 May 2013 and the production is expected in Q4 2013. They will also start drilling in Middle East and Norway. Further details on the concessions are as follow:

International Network of Strategic Partners

The company has a good panel of strategic partners.


Frankly, nothing to talk about except that this is a loss making company still trying to "get the oil flowing". Somewhat similar to KrisEnergy except that it is even more early stage and have not incurred much exploration costs?

Use of Proceeds

We must know where the money is going into and they are mainly to pay for drilling expenses. In other words, you have to trust the management to drill the right holes.


The founders will hold about 55% of the company post listing. The other shareholders as follow (assuming over-allotment in full).

What i like is that the Pre-IPO investors are not cashing out at the IPO price. Pre-IPO investors came in at around 40c except for Shroders who paid only low 0.87 cents! The pre-IPO investors in Singapore consists of the "who's who" include Tommie Goh. However, what i don't like to see is that Asia merchant Capital II Limited is a PE Fund related to Prime Partners, who is also acting as the Manager and Sponsor of this deal. There could be potential conflict of interest (i am not suggesting that there is). The list of pre-ipo investors is on page 84. Fram shareholders consist of some HNWs and PE funds and the list is on page 92 of the prospectus.

What i like about the Company
  • Interesting proprietary technology which they can 'license' out or get oil concessions.
  • Less capital intensive vis-a-vis a normal E&P company
  • Potential to 'struck oil' faster
My concerns
  • An early stage and small company in exploration play
  • High valuation of Company. Not sure is it for the concession rights or for the intellectual property of the company.
  • Oman is not known for its Oil & Gas play.
  • Rex Technologies is not 'proven' 
  • Investors are bearing the risk of exploration.
  • Assets are located far away from Singapore and this means key management are not based here either. 
  • Unlike KrisEnergy, there is no "key independent and strategic" shareholder to "validate and support" the IPO valuation
  • Unlike KrisEnergy, the management team is not proven yet.
Mr IPO's views and ratings

This IPO is riding on the "coat tail" of KrisEnergy which I have given it a 3 Chillis rating previously. KrisEnergy has performed respectably on its debut and the interest might spill over to Rex International. As mentioned, i am not an Oil & Gas expert although i do like the sector. 

I am giving it a 2 Chilli ratings based purely on gut feel that the interest from KrisEnergy will spill over. (This view might change if price of KrisEnergy collapse in the coming days. If you intent to apply for the shares, you might want to do it nearer to the IPO closing date. ^_^) 

Investors will need to take a leap of faith that the management will deliver in the next 12 to 24 months as they are bearing the costs of exploration. 

Please note that i am vested and my intent is as what the rating mentioned - "hit and run". 

(will post a picture of my ratings going forward)


Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for the analysis !!

Benj said...

thank thank

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your analysis!! Its hard to find such kind people like you who explains the ipo more clearly and give ur honest opinions!

Anonymous said...

Rex International Holding Ltd only "has access" to the so-called "Rex Technologies". The authors of the prospectus has taken pains to say this repeatedly in the document. This only means the company does not own these technologies and therefore cannot license it out. The founding partners have been very careful about placing ownership of the technologies in another company, because they know that the value will jump tremendously if their "experiment" (i.e. through the listing of Rex International Holding Ltd) to prove the technologies is successful. Rex International Holding Ltd probably had to pay for its use of the technologies!

Mr. IPO said...

I didn't bother to check if they own the technologies. Probably as u pointed out, they don't.

Mr. IPO said...

You are welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

can this apply placement and atm at same time?

Mr. IPO said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi mr ipo, a ques I have in mind.
From results of ipo, we wld know % of public being allocated in the diff tier by range.

However, is there a way to know the number of applicants who applied within this tier?? (I.e. from ballotting results, we wld know 80 shareholders are allocated with 10 lots, but how about the total number of applicant in this range ?)

Tks in advance!

Mr. IPO said...

They don't usually disclose. I am not sure if you can use some indirect method to compute. Haven't really give it a serious thought. Haha

Anonymous said...

say the ratio is 5:50 (which means 10% of the applicants in that range gotten it. they would show the number of successful applicants, say 200. so if u take 200/10% u will get 2,000 applicants in that range.

Mr. IPO said...

Haha. Yeah. Something like that. :) tks

Anonymous said...

Anonymoua said:

Thks for yr pointers. Is it safe to apply?

Mr. IPO said...

Some decisions in life have to be made by yourself ah. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for your info. you mention Pre-IPO investors came in at around 40cent. and if we apply IPO at 50cent. When the share start trade at 31 Jul. This mean Pre-IPO investors can throw at 31 Jul at below 50 cents and they will still earn immediately. If this correct?

Mr. IPO said...

Your understanding is correct but looking at the list of pre-IPO Investors, they are probably in there for bigger things (i may be wrong of course)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prompt reply, I saw this in nara capital report, and it mention below :"An 18 months moratorium will be in effect for its controlling shareholders (57% of
shares post IPO). A 6 months moratorium will be in effect for Fram shareholders,
Pre-IPO investors and Schroders (total 28% of shares post IPO)."

This mean Pre-IPO investors and Schroders can not sell their share in market for 6 months from 31 Jul?

Mr. IPO said...

Yes. Your understanding is correct and a 6 months moratorium is quite common. What is less common is the 18 months moratorium but given the early stage of the company, this is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Thanks. May not apply yhis time.

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