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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

A Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it. Best wishes for abundant good wealth and health. 

A Happy Holidays for those who don't celebrate :)

It is interesting to note that Snake has never been the most popular creature with mankind since ancient time, be it from the biblical times to the main characters from Slytherin in Harry Potter to many Hollywood movies such as Anaconda or Snakes in the Plane. Even Chinese Idioms are "very negative" when it comes to snakes, such as 蛇鼠一窝, 画蛇添足,蛇蝎为心. 

Will the year of the Snake be a good year for the stock market as well? We shall check back again next year. 

STI was 3,270.30 on Chinese New Year's eve, 8 Feb 2013. Let's see how it performs in the next 12 years. My guess is that it will slithers sideways with many highs and lows, creating many opportunities. Catch it well and you will slither your way to riches, catch it at the wrong end and be bitten by the snake. ^_^


Li said...

Gong xi fa cai, Mr IPO!

Mr. IPO said...

恭喜发财! ^_^

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