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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Balloting Results - Overseas Education LImited

The results for Overseas Education Limited is out.

It is very difficult to get.  Those who applied for 100 lots will have a probability of 24% and get only 5 lots.

Placement Tranche

There is quite a bit of institutional demand.... The IPO will probably start with a big pop tomorrow. 

Bee tang for the lucky ones :) Both my applications not successful... :(


James said...

Several branded institutions in the placement tranche. Should be a nice fireworks tomorrow to end the week before the CNY.

Mr. IPO said...

Seems like easier to get if u apply 10-49 lots. My bro and mum got 3 lots each. Haha

Raymond said...

Got 3. Thanks for the good writeup.

Anonymous said...

thks for the recommendation Mr IPO!

30% profit is good enough for me.

I'm out of this. =)

Looking forward to more writeups from ya.

Mr. IPO said...

Pleasure. Think quite a few get this. :) a good Ang Pow. Haha

Anonymous said...

Mr IPO, applied for the IPO but didnt get this...

Considering the yield at current price (with assurance from mgt to give out 50% div), would you consider this for long term investment?

Mr. IPO said...

I guess I will monitor it for a while.

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