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Friday, 12 October 2012

Courts Asia Limited Balloting Results

Courts Asia Limited ("Courts") released its IPO balloting results tonight.

The press release is here and the balloting results is here.

The demand seemed pretty hot with institutional demand more than 3.4x oversubscribed and the retail tranche was 24.4x oversubscribed.  

The Public Tranche Balloting Ratio

Seemed like people who applied for 100 lots have the best chance as 40.9% of the public tranche was allocated to them...sigh... seems like i should have stuck to my conviction and not have cut back my application for each account!  

My Balloting Results

Only one of out two accounts was successful. I also applied 50 lots for the other account.

Good luck to all who is successful. You should be able to stag out if US market cooperate tonight and dua cheong... otherwise just cross your fingers and hope US markets don't create trouble... :)

Happy IPOing.


Anonymous said...

dow jones going up now: 36.85

let's pray it stays this way or dua chiong.

I am the guy who applied 21 lots and got 3 lots. I am happy that Courts were very generous in their ballot in terms of you get a two in one chance of getting something for almost every single tranche (1-9, 10-49, 50-99 etc).

That said, I personally prefer that the chances of getting be lesser and then those who get, will get more lots. So instead of 23:50 ballot ratio, we can have 10:50 with the person getting more say instead of 3 get 5 lots?

What do you think? My rationale is simple: More people hold the stock more likely that someone will panick and sell cheap at the opening bell (Hu An Cable remember???)

Also, the lesser lots you get means it is v hard to break even, those get say 2 or 3 lots, is hard to recoup unless share price dua chiong.

Mr. IPO said...

US never Cheong but at least it boh crash. Haha.

I think retail trache usually won't "move" a needle so how it perform post IPO will depends on who they place out the shares to. As you can see, they couldn't satisfy the institutions as well, so there might be some support post IPO. Plus the over allotment was "activated" so there will be some support if price drops below IPO price.

On the whole, it is tough to make a lot of money from punting IPO, so just treat it as a tikam game unless u have access to placement tranche of good counters...

Anonymous said...

Mr IPO. Any idea how many units one would get if one went in through placements? What would be the initial capital outlay compared to going in for public portion, since notice that the oversubscription rate was lower for placements.

Mr. IPO said...

It depends on what role u are playing la. if u are HNW, then more lots. If u are part of their IPO club then probably 5-20 lots. If u are just giving names to make up the 1,000 shareholders then 1-5 lots.

Anonymous said...

Hi I made very little kopi $$$, but thanks for the advice, your advice was sound in general.

I should have made 150 (selling at 0.83), but I only make 90 (selling at 0.81), I had 3 lots. Had a lecture and missed the opening bell, by the time I saw the share was on a free fall. Now 0.785 dead duck

Mr. IPO said...

haha as long as you know your own risk profile. Disappointing debut. I watch it hit 83 but the subsequent sell down caused me to exit at 81.

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