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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Win a trip for 4 to Taiwan! --- "Sponsored Video"

I am not sure if you remember my posting on F&N many weeks back. Well, it ended with an anti-climax when an "agreement" was reached between the Thai tycoon and the Dutch Brewer, Heineken.

Interestingly (i am not sure if it should be coincidentally), i received an email asking if i am interested to post this Heineken video on my blog! :)

The video will show the journey of one man with no money but Heineken beer and whether he can travel from Inner Mongolia to Bangkok just by using Heineken. (Hmmm... why did he stop at Bangkok and not Singapore... is it because Chang Beer is in Bangkok and Heineken wants to show Mr. Chang who the boss is? hahaha).

Anyway, enjoy the video, watch the episodes and join his journey here to win a trip for 4 to Sensation Taiwan and you don't have to do it with beer only...... :-P

1 comment:

singapore whisky said...

Awesome trip man.. Really i heard this news too but unfortunately we were not the part of the trip..

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