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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Be my friend today!

It was an interesting weekend. Time flies, August just came to an end and our neighbor celebrated its National Day as well. 

I was quite "sad" to see the growth of my friends slowing down after its launch in July. I was cracking my head to stop this "correction" from going on. hahaha (I think i am getting crazy :P) and have set for myself a target to get 1,000 friends by end of 31 Dec 2012. Do you think it is achievable? Let's have a monthly or bi-weekly progress update for the next 3 months and i will share with you the progress to see how far we are from the 1,000 friends goal. :) 

Interestingly, the spike went up again when Mr. IPO appeared and spoke about a free e-book! hmmm... not sure if that means that the most effective method is still to offer "freebies" as what most websites mentioned?

The majority of my friends continue to be male (77.4%) and belong to the 25-44 age group (70.5%) and most of them comes from or resides in Singapore. Does it mean that male Singaporeans are more interested in personal finance or does it mean that older generation are not on facebook or less "friendly" hahaha ?  

Let's go through the objectives for setting up a facebook fan page and share what are the 'benefits' of being a friend of Singapore IPOs.

Objectives: To build an online community who is interested in IPOs (that was how i started) and personal finance (investing, trading, real estate, financial freedom, retirement). 

Benefits of becoming a fan: 
  • You can have an interactive session with Mr. IPO. You can ask questions and leave your comments, etc. I may not have the answers but collectively, one of us may have.
  • You will be notified (via facebook) of upcoming IPOs or its closing time for application (so that you won't miss it if you are interested).
  • This is the key marketing one hahaha --> You will have access to advanced notifications, exclusive content and research reports. 
What do i mean by exclusive content? Well i recently posted in my Starfish SRS blog about a stock that i was buying. Frankly, if you don't have a facebook account, it is okay because this is a long term investment and you will know of it anyway when i purchase it. However, the benefit of being a friend is that you will know it before i purchase or which company i was talking about. After all, this is what friends share with each other.

Disadvantages of becoming a fan:

Well, like all things, there are 2 sides to a coin. The downside is you may receive notifications from facebook for my postings but the good thing is it is now easier to "don't friend' me when you regret later. Hahaha just click on the like button again to 'unfriend' me. 

The picture below shows you how to become a friend and receive exclusive content.

Be my friend today :-) 

Don't worry if you don't have a facebook account or don't want to "like" me lah... you will still receive the usual IPO write-ups from this blog and the chilli ratings! Your patronage either through email or website is very much appreciated. I just want to learn for myself how to run a facebook fan page effectively and know my readers better. :-)

Yours truly,


Derek said...

Hi Mr. IPO,

Don't worry too much about the traffic. Like the market, there will be ups and downs.

Quality articles will keep readers coming back and with time, you will be able to build up a regular group of readers.


2Y Capital said...

Thks Derek! Agreed :)

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