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IPO Chilli Ratings
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5Y Frasers Property Green Retail Bond 4.49% Maturing 16 Sep 2027

Frasers Property launched a 5 year green retail note with fixed interest rate at 4.49%. This is part of the MTN programme which Frasers has in place with the banks. Financial Horse has written a good article on it, so I don't have to repeat myself. You can refer to his write up here  or read up Beansprout's version here .  Placement tranche The placement tranche of $120m was offered to institutional and high net worth individuals. I understand from bankers close to the deal that the majority of the placement tranche was allotted to the private banking channels. Participation from institutional investors was understandably tepid as most of them are in a 'risk-off' mode in view of the rising interest rate environment and nursing losses from fixed rate investments. If the interest rate for this bond has been floating (instead of fixed), we will probably see better institutional participation.  The retail bond tranche is a whopping $300m with an option for Frasers to upsize

New Email Delivery Services - Follow It

This post is intended for long time followers of Singapore IPOs and SRS Retirement Fund who have been receiving daily email updates. As Feedburner has decided to stop its email service with effect from July, I have migrated existing readers to a new email delivery platform that is run by follow it. No action is required for existing subscribers, so don't be surprised if you receive email notifications from Follow.It

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