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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Ayondo Ltd - Balloting Results

Ayondo Ltd announced that its public tranche was 4.5x subscribed and on an overall basis, the IPO was 1.3x subscribed.

The public allotment results is as follows:

You can see that 36% of the public offering went to investors who applied for 100,000 to 499,900 shares and they will 32% chance of getting 80,000 shares.

In terms of institutional investors, i am surprised to see Pheim Asset Management applying for 30.8% of the public offering, effectively taking up a substantial part of the IPO. You can read about the "investment philosophy" here

255 readers participated in my online poll and the majority of it (47%) indicated that they will be giving Ayondo a miss and that only 16% will apply.

The exploding trade war between US and China over the course of last week and the sell down in the tech sector in US on Friday night probably meant that Ayondo has "chosen" the worst time to debut on the SGX on Monday . . .

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