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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

China Jinjiang Environment - Balloting Results

The balloting results is out for China Jinjiang but CICC is probably not so "experienced" with our local regulations and the launch is delayed till 2pm. There were any announcements and the following were sourced from the Straits Times. 

Everyone who subscribed for the public tranche will be allotted some shares. The bulk goes to investors who subscribed for 50,000 shares and they will be allotted 38,000 shares. 

The substantial placement holders are listed above. You decide for yourself if these are "good" names. 

There will be some stabilization exercise due to the over-allotment. Good luck to those have the shares. 

Subsequent to its advertisement, it made the following changes and delayed the launch from 9am to 2pm...

Happy IPOing 


Anonymous said...

Got a public allocation, hope it is a "good" luck. Bless!

Amit said...

Great information you are doing great job by sharing all this information with investors. thanks for sharing.

Wayne said...

Will you be analysing the IPO for AGV Group Ltd ?
I have been asked by my broker whether I'm interested in it.


Mr. IPO said...

Will do it when pricing is out. Current IPO climate is weak

Wayne said...

Thanks. Will be looking forward to it.

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