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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust - Balloting Results

Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust ("FLT") announced a strong set of subscription results where the offering was 6x subscribed. It is the largest IPO to-date with S$903m raised.

15 cornerstone investors took up ~48.6% of the units on offer and trading will start on 21 June 2016 at 9am.

"FLT's future growth is driven by a unique multi-pronged growth strategy, both organically through earnings upside from two pre-committed development properties and built-in annual rental increments; as well as Sponsor-driven, inorganic growth from the acquisition of three Call Option Properties, which have been 100.0% pre-committed to incoming tenants. Going forward, we intend to actively manage and enhance the REIT's portfolio to provide stable and growing distributions for our Unitholders." 

The balloting table for the public offering of FLT is presented below. It is very well subscribed. While investors who applied for shares will definitely get "some allocation", the number allocated is definitely well below what investors subscribed for. 

Given the 'hotness', the IPO should debut well unless it is "derailed" by Brexit sentiments. 

I understand from sources that this IPO is very well subscribed by HNWIs from private banks and were provided 50% leverage on them.

Good luck to those who subscribed :)


temperament said...

i think the BREXIT sentiments is overrated.
A "Black Swan" it is not.
Nobody should know when a Black Swan is coming.

Furthermore, we should be clear about buying for staging or buying for long-term.
Or for both.
To me the final question is always to consider both.
But if i think the stags will not touch, i will not consider further.
Of course, i take everyone's opinion into considerations then i make my own.

The way it 's balloted for the public tell me all HNWIs have their own private placements and yet not satisfied yet.
Greed knows no bounds is definitely truth.
Happy staging on Monday.
Brexit or no Brexit.

Anonymous said...

Can You review the upcoming United global ipo

Mr. IPO said...

Yes I will :)

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