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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hyflux 6% p.a. Perpetual Capital Securities - Balloting Results

Hyflux announced that its public offering of Perps were oversubscribed by around 3x and as a result, the overall offering was upsized the tranche to $500m. All investors who applied will receive something. The Perps will start trading on 30 May 2016 at 9am.

Ms Olivia Lum (林爱莲), Executive Chairman and Group CEO of Hyflux, said, "We would like to thank investors for the enthusiastic subscription for the Offer, and thereby believing and participating in our growth as we continue to execute our strategies and strengthen our global leadership position in providing sustainable solutions in the areas of water and energy." 

The balloting ratio is as follows:

Not sure if it is a good thing to issue such a large tranche. The effect is that everyone is allocated and that Hyflux has raised sufficient funds to redeem the prior Perps (see announcement below). Let's see how the Perps perform on Monday ^_^


Rolf Suey said...

just heard from a seminar that Huflux was just in Iran together with Singapore delegation.

Kim Heng just announced partnership with Iran. I guess Iran is a country of potential opportunity for Hyflux and Singapore after sanctions lifted.

Mr. IPO said...

A land of opportunity and risk too... ^o^

foolish chameleon said...

hyflux has been known to venture where no one dares to go.
algeria , oman, etc now iran...
i know coz i worked there
personally i think iran is good place for coy to venture.
fortune favours the brave

Anonymous said...

Just wonder how they are going to repay such a high interest? Someone may enlighten me.
Q1: If they are so profitable why can't they use the earnings to repay the 3.5% outstanding notes issued on 3rd July 2008 and also 4.8% outstanding perpetual cost?
Q2: Since 2008 the interest for debts raised was 3.5%, 4.8% and now 6%? Isn't the interest repayments ballooning?

Anonymous said...

Some projects are design, build, own and operate and hence will require huge initial capital. The company will only be able to reap the full benefits in the later years.

Rolf Suey said...

Agree of the risk as I dealt with Iranians before and they are no easy breed.

Nonetheless, investors look at risk as risk, but in business if u dun take risk, there will never be opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Mr ipo,

Will you be writing on the ipo of Fraser? Looking forward to read them.

Wintermelon said...

Very interested in the ipo analysis of Freaser Logistics trust also.. Since next Thursday noon is the deadline

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