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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Investment Seminar by bloggers

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It is heartening to see local financial bloggers coming together to organize an event. I was invited to speak at the seminar on IPOs but unfortunately, i am not prepared to appear in my ninja attire. Sorry my dear friends. ^_^

While i am not ready to be famous, the least i can do is help the organizer do a simple write up. The ticket costs $16 per person but and readers will get a 50% discount to cover the cost of organizing the event. The code is IPOFRIEND but you can probably get similar discount codes from other bloggers easily. haha

Please note that i do not know any of the bloggers personally and I am not earning any referral fees from this event and the organizer has promised this to be purely educational with no selling. The $16 is to cover the cost of organizing the event.

Hope you will enjoy the event and find it educational.


Anonymous said...

Where is the location?

Anonymous said...

Ratings for the eye healthcare and interior design ipos?

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