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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Chinese "Love" Letter

Ok i received a "love" letter in Chinese from my reader but i thought it will be more beneficial to share this with the wider mandarin speaking readers :)


你好,我是IPO Newbies。我现在是sg的pr,家乡来自Johor,Malaysia。
读完了你之前所发表过,关于sg IPO的文章,我有一些疑问,需要你的意见。

1. 我可否用在dbs开的银行户口,输入我之前在UOB Kay Hian开CDP account的,透过dbs internet banking申请IPO?


2. sg的IPO,被分配到的比率,会否有划分singaporean,singapore pr,或是外国投资者呢?(因为我知道的是,马来西亚的public tranche,会有分别出bumi和non-bumi,bumi一般比较容易抽中)


3. 关于你之前"IPOing 101 - how to read a balloting table"帖里的balloting result,

我不是很明白Balloting Ratio的意思 :(
23 : 50,意思是不是说,在50个申请者里面,有23个申请者会被抽中,而一共有1,657个在20,000 to 49,000 share的申请者,被分配到5,000 share,对吗?


No. Successful Applicant代表的是多少个成功申请到的人数,那么我如何可以知道,是一共有多少人,一起在同个组(eg. 20,000 to 49,000)别申请呢?我是不是可以透过Balloting Ratio,自己计算有多少个人,也是跟我一起申请,对吗?

是的. 1,657 divide by 16.6% = 9,981. 大约有9,981申请者申请20,000至49,000股但只有1,657成功抽签到

4. 你之前的"How to increase your probability of get IPO shares from the public tranche"帖,里面提到"No.1 - Apply for at least 50,000 shares but the optimal will be 100,000 shares."。意思是如果该IPO的价钱是$0.25,我可以考虑花$12,500去申请50,000 shares,对吗?


5. sg的IPO,不会说你申请越多shares,中的机率越高,对吗?我知道,如果是马来西亚的IPO,如果申请1,000,000 shares,几乎都是100%被分配到的。


6. 什么网站可以看到最新即将上市IPO的完整prospect?


7. Samudra Energy Ltd,现在可以开始申请该IPO了?

还是不能,因为它尚未注册。 见下图

我没有买卖过sg的IPO,所以心里比较多疑问的 :(
谢谢和期待你的回复 :)



白之居 said...


ANy upcoming IPO?

Anonymous said...

Mr ipo, I really appreciate your contribution in educating the public (including Malaysians).

Anonymous said...

Mr ipo, I am surprised that ur Chinese is good!

Mr. IPO said...

Why surprise leh :-P I read Chinese sword fighting novels in traditional Chinese one. Don't pray pray :-P

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a funny world... When a Chinese is good in Chinese, people is surprised... What sort of world we are in.

ipo 先生。其实您才是真正双语人才。 其他的双语人士大多是不中不西。

Mr. IPO said...

Hahaha ^_^ your comments is quite funny but true. Whenever I visit china I get the same comments from the Chinese that my mandarin is good. In my heart I must be thinking they must have such low perception of Singaporean mandarin standard.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I do not want to stray into politics and point fingers on MOE oe etc, most of the so-called bi-lingual Singaporeans is able to use Mandarin (most probably English too) as a simple tool of communication.

To communicate effectively with the mainland Chinese, you must be able to express and resonate their culture. This can only come about when one embraces their culture and literature.

Our channel 8 TV is one of the most effective tool in destroying our Chinese culture and literature...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO any write ups on the latest IPO from the Farmer who produces Greenfield milk? :)

Btw I was indeed pleasantly surprised by Sir's profound mastery of the Chinese Language, even much better than most stock analyst on 958 haha

Mr. IPO said...

Write up will be done over the weekend while wearing red and white ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr IPO. Happy National day to you. :)

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