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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The first Million is the toughest?

I first set up the Facebook Page on 14 July 2012.

It took me more than 10 months to reach the first 1,000 fans on 27 May 2013

However, after i hit the first 1,000 mark, the next 1,000 fans took me less than 3 months and it reached that milestone today (14 Aug 2013)! :) 

There are probably a few reasons to explain the quick increase:
  • Share Investment invited me onto their "panel of authors" and that has brought quite a fair amount of traffic to my blog.
  • The listing of SPH REIT and OUE HT created a buzz on the IPO market here and that resulted in a renewed interest in IPOs.
  • The 1,000 fans continue to "like" my posts, post comments and participate the polls on Facebook page which, in turn, created a virtuous cycle of attracting more friends of fans to me. I take this opportunity to say "Thank You" and do continue to share my postings with your friends.
Below is the profile of my fans.

My fans continue to be predominantly male at 73% (versus 54% for all of Facebook) but this was an improvement when i just started where 80% are male.

Anyway, back to the topic today. The first million is probably the toughest and that is true. If you are just starting out or struggling to save up for retirement, you may want to start with a lower figure first, say $100,000 and then use the $100k as a base capital to work towards the $1m goal. Using the same analogy, once you get the first $100k, the next $100k will come at a faster pace and a virtuous cycle can then be built up. 

Stop dreaming about striking Toto for the first $1m and start saving and investing towards that goal instead!. :oP

Happy Investing and do me a favor, click "like" and helped me reach the next 1,000 fans faster ^_^

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