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Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Festive Famine

It has been a while since i update this blog. Once again, we are having a famine on the IPO scene in Singapore and i don't think there will be any more IPOs till end of the year. As such, i am going to give myself a long break :-P

Religare Health Trust had a bumper week with 4 initiation report ever since its debut. The IPO write was here and the reports are here

Friends of Mr. IPO

I don't think i am going to hit the 1,000 mark by end of the year unless Santa Clause is giving me a big surprise.

Since my last update, the number of friends has increased from 549 to 651.

The majority are still guys! Come on gals... do something. hahaha.

I will give a final update closer to Christmas :)

Happy Festive Seasons to all. It's gonna be a hungry one. hahaha 


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Anonymous said...

I have posted the following comment elsewhere on this blog, but I thought I would post it here under the "IPO famine" post.

It seems a good place to repeat the comment given below. During this IPO famine, perhaps one could spare a few moments for bonds.

Bond IPOs are quite a new thing, the closest one being the DBS Preference shares IPO.

I think SGX may be getting interested in infrastructure bonds, and for those who don't mind malaysian corporate bonds, there are also some in the pipeline.

May I therefore repost the comment made elsewhere in this blog, without anyone thinking this is spamming.

--------- Comment is :

Some comments :

I wonder if readers have any interest in bonds.

Bonds is not something typically of interest to investors.

However, given the supposedly large foreign interest in asian bonds, it may do for everyone to pick up a couple of bonds. This for obvious reasons.

It is unlikely such couple of bonds would make anyone rich, but will provide a steady flow of loose change that may be useful for small but essential purposes.

No-one should have any doubts of the effects of all this money printing (western central banks). And if anyone has doubts, see :

Perhaps a handful of asian bonds will be a good idea for the portfolio. Again, the reasons are so obvious they need not be stated.

Hopefully, everyone would consider it and mention it to their brokers. There should not be insurmountable difficulties in doing IPOs for bonds, in the same way IPOs are done for shares.

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