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Monday, 24 January 2011

Zhongmin BH

For records only (I am not even aware of this Catalist listing on 20 Jan 2011. There is no "public"tranche)

The Group is principally engaged in the ownership and operation of the “中闽百汇” department store in Xiamen City, which is one of the largest underground retail malls in Fujian Province, China. Spanning an estimated built-in area of 28,746 sqm, the Xiamen Store is located in the commercial centre of Xiamen City, strategically located at a transportation hub where bus terminals (to both within and outside of Xiamen City), bus rapid transit and the high speed train (to various major cities in China) are located.

The Xiamen Store offers a wide range of quality merchandise and customer-oriented services catering to middle to high level income bracket consumers. International brands featured in the Xiamen Store include BreadTalk, Nike, Adidas, Bossini and Baleno. The Group also manages six department stores under the “中闽百汇“ brand name in Quanzhou and Zhangzhou Cities in Fujian Province, China. These managed stores have an aggregate estimated built-in area of 59,638 sqm. In return for its management services and the use of the “中闽百汇“ brand name, the Group is paid management fees.

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