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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Heatec Jietong Holdings Ltd

Not another Catalist listing?!... Heatec Jietong is offering 18.5m New Shares at $0.275 each. The IPO is through placement and will close on 6 July 2009. Trading will start on 8 July 2009.

The Company is one of the leading piping and heat exchanger specialist in Singapore servicing the marine and oil & gas industries. The company made S$46.5m sales in 2008 with a net profit of $6.64m (net margin of 14%). The listing expenses is $1.44m and the net proceeds raised is $3.65m. (I can never understand why the listing fees is so high versus the amount raised... a real waste of time and money for the company...)

The company is issuing shares at around 5x PE and will have a market cap of $33.33m post listing. The company is fairly valued at the IPO price. Assuming the net profit for 2009 is slightly better and have a fair value PE of 6-8x, there could be some slight upside post IPO but for me, it is only a mediocre issue. Since this is a "placement only" issue, you will have to know someone from either DMG or Prime if you really want it..

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