Wednesday, 9 August 2017

SGX Bull Charge Giveaway Results

I refer to my earlier post on the SGX Bull Charge Giveaway Contest that was conducted over my Facebook Page which ended 8 August 2017.

Interested participants must click "Like" on the post below to participate in the draw. 

I had wanted to give a higher weightage to "fans who shared" the post and there was 27 of you but unfortunately Facebook doesn't show me all the names, as such, i wasn't able to do that fairly. As a result, all participants stood an equal chance of being allotted.

71 of you managed to do that by the deadline but one of you only clicked "like" on 9 Aug and thus was not entered into the contest. sorry! πŸ˜‚

I then keyed in all the 71 names into my project set up in Random Picker as follows:

and the 12 winners of SGX Bull Charge are ....🎢🎢🎢🎼 (drum-roll)....

The above draw was conducted publicly. Hence, if you are one of the 71 participants, you can easily key in your name here to verify that you have been included in the draw. 

Thank you for your participation! I hoped you have enjoyed the contest πŸ˜€

Can the above 12 winners please "private message" or email your full name and email  to me by end of this week... I will then compile and send them to SGX who will then email you the registration link directly as they will need to collect other information such as your date of birth, contact numbers etc.

Last but not least... Happy Birthday Singapore!!! 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

SGX Bull Charge Giveaway Contest

This is a follow up post to "An Evening with Mr. IPO" with the contest details and how to get a running slot beside Mr. IPO.

Date and Time

Date:   17 Nov 2017
Time:     4pm till late

Prizes to Giveaway

12 complimentary tickets to SGX Bull Charge 2017. To ensure a wider and fairer distribution, I have decided to give out the complimentary tickets individually

Two Simple Steps To Participate

Step 1:  Visit the Facebook Page of Mr. IPO here and search for the post "SGX Bull Charge Giveaway Contest"

Step 2:  Just click "Like" or "Love" or any of the circled emoticons on that particular post. (Fans who share the post with their friends get extra brownie points πŸ˜€ )


When will the contest end?

The contest will run from now till 8 August 2017 and the winners will be announced on 9 August 2017 in conjunction with our National Day! (You always know i am patriotic right?)

How will winners be picked?

When the contest ends, I will use this  Random Picker (or other similar website) to pick 12 random numbers and matched the number to the participants according to the sequence of those who have "liked" the post. For example if you are the first one to "like" the post, you will be allotted "number 1" and if 1 is picked by the random picker, you would have won one of the complimentary SGX Bull Charge slot!  In this way, all data are kept confidential! 

The winners will just need to message me their emails so that i can pass them on to SGX for processing.

How can Mr. IPO fans dress up for the event?

While there are many fans, there is an equal number of "enemies" who can't wait to "chop" Mr. IPO to pieces. What can you do to save Mr. IPO if you are attending the event? 

I looked at similar events in the past to get some ideas...

Option 1: Dress like the Bull Mascot to help create "double" and "divert" the attention...

Option 2: Dress up as friendly neighbours from across the causeway

Option 3: Dressed as real fans of Mr. IPO (this will really help confuse the chilli choppers)

But please don't dress up like this or you will be slaughtered for sure... lol

Happy participating and good luck! 

While I can't guarantee the chance of you winning will be easier than applying for "3 chillis" IPOs but i can assure you that it won't cost you a cent to apply for this... better than the $2 wasted at the ATM ! 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Aspen Group Holdings - Balloting Results

Aspen announced that its PUBLIC tranche was 7.8x subscribed. Super misleading considering that the public tranche is small. I think most IPOs try to use the entire subscription rather than the public tranche only. 

I didn't compute but if combined with the placement tranche, it's probably about "1x subscribed" 

Commenting on the subscription results, Dato' Murly, Executive Director, President and Group CEO of Aspen, said, "We are greatly encouraged by the strong investor demand for our IPO, which we believe reflects the confidence in the potential of our properties, prospects and future plans. We would like to thank them for their strong support and welcome them as our new shareholders. We will strive to grow our business further, riding on the bright prospects for the property development sector in Penang. With this listing, we believe Aspen is positioned for the next phase of growth regionally.
The balloting and placement table below. 

Interesting to see institutional support from Setia, Affin and Daiwa. They probably see "value" and know the company better than what my untrained eyes can't see. 

Good luck to those investors who went for the ATM. You will be 100% Bao Tio as indicated by the table above. Hope it's durian Bao Jiak tomorrow. 

Happy Aspening

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