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Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for yr sharing on singkie IPOs. Found it helpful on the rare times I have the chance to get IPO placements. I have been in the local stockmarket since mid-90s and trade $2-3M generally per trade, with a cash capital of abt $2M. This was built up over the years from a few 10s of K, with many learning n horrific experiences along the way.
Wish u the best in yr financial journey.
I always say, to remind myself, "u r only as good s yr next trade."

Anonymous said...

Some comments :

I wonder if readers have any interest in bonds.

Bonds is not something typically of interest to investors.

However, given the supposedly large foreign interest in asian bonds, it may do for everyone to pick up a couple of bonds. This for obvious reasons.

It is unlike such couple of bonds would make anyone rich, but will provide a steady flow of loose change that may be useful for small but essential purposes.

No-one should have any doubts of the effects of all this money printing (western central banks). And if anyone has doubts, see :

Perhaps a handful of asian bonds will be a good idea for the portfolio. Again, the reasons are so obvious they need not be stated.

Hopefully, everyone would consider it and mention it to their brokers. There should not be insurmountable difficulties in doing IPOs for bonds, in the same way IPOs are done for shares.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO,

Can I ask you, from which credible source, can I find details on Singapore's IPOs fund raising figures?

I would like to compile a list of Singapore IPOs and total amt of funds raised but not sure where to get the figures.


Mr. IPO said...

Share investor ?

Anonymous said...


What is your opinion on the coming june 18 FED stimulus exit plan? Should we start to panic....

Mr. IPO said...

Probably I will just watch from the sidelines. Market has reacted negatively to the "turning off of tap" but in my view, it's inevitable. The short term pain might be better for the long term good. ^_^ the market has dropped quite a bit due to uncertainly over what will be announced. Once the news of the action plan is out , probably market will just accept it and move on.... And a relief rally might happen?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO,

What is your opinion on the coming valuemax IPO? Any analysis to share ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr IPO,

What is your opinion on the coming Viva Industry Trust IPO? Any analysis to share ?

vital said...

Hi There,

What do you think od Posh Semco compare with Pacific Radiance?

There are going to be IPO in this 2 months. Any news?


Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have any analysis on Serrano IPO? Closing 23 Oct 2014. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hihi.. any analysis on transcab?

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